PHD students:

2021- Pierre Houdouin, co-direction with F. Pascal, (Chaire RTE), Performance certification of advanced decentralized controllers for power system operation using reinforcement learning
2020- Daniel Mastropietro, co-direction with Urtzi Ayesta, Probabilistic exploration for reinforcement learning

2020- Lucca Guardiola, co-direction with F. Pascal (Chaire Givaudan). Generalized stochastic embedding for visualization and dimension reduction 

2017- Valeria Goycoechea,  co-direction with P. Bermolen, Large deviations for exploration of independent sets on random graphs 

2018-2021 Violeta Roizman, cotutelle with Frédéric pascal: Clustering in high- dimension
2016-2021 Emanuel Ferreyra: Stochastic decisions and mean-fields games
2016-2021 Maximiliano Altamirano: Networks of neurons and quasi-stationary measures
2015-2019 Manuel Saenz, Dynamics on random graphs.
2010-2013 : (co-directed with P. Ferrari)  S.I. López Ortega  Dynamics of stochastic networks and flows: coupling and large deviations.


2015-2016  Ioannis Papageorgiou: Existence of quasi-stationary measures
2014-2016  Maria-Clara Fittipaldi: Insensitivity via the Crumps-Jaggers model
2014-2015  Santiago Saglietti:  LLN for branching processes with absorption