My research interests are in the area of probability theory and its applications to modeling and performance evaluation of information and communication systems as well as optimal control of stochastic dynamical systems.
More specifically I have worked and I am working on:
- insensitivity properties of stochastic networks, insensitive load balancing and bandwidth allocations,
- stability analysis of networks and Markov processes,
- stochastic comparisons techniques for Markov processes,
- simulations of quasi-stationary distributions and their links with particle systems like branching processes with selection and Flemming Viot processes,
- Links between front propgations and quasi-stationary measures,
- dynamics on random graphs and their applications to communication protocols and physics of ultra-cold gazes.

My PhD work was strongly motivated by engineering problems arising in modern communication technology. The constant technological evolution and developments in the area of telecommunication lead to challenging research questions regarding performance evaluation and design of actual and future communication systems.
Above are gathered more details on Insensitive load balancing and bandwidth allocation and stability analysis .